Helping your clinic deal
with everyday chaos

Primary care clinics can be chaotic. Numerous activities must be choreographed: patients checked in, exam rooms cleaned and prepped, patients assigned to appropriate rooms, and clinicians informed where to go.

CHIME streamlines the interaction between your clinicians, staff, patients, and exam rooms using an integrated hardware and software solution.

CHIME has four key elements…


Giving staff the ability to view and manage the status of every patient visit, exam room, physician, nurse, and medical assistant in the entire clinic.

CHIME Central Dashboard

A waiting room screen for PATIENT WAYFINDING

Automatically advising patients how long their wait will be, and which room to proceed to.

CHIME Patient Wayfinding


Sending staff and clinicians relevant notifications to direct their attention where it is needed next.

CHIME Mobile Tablets

Sleek TABLETS mounted outside exam rooms

Enabling staff to check-in and out of appointments, update the status of rooms, and manage the patient queues of every clinician.

CHIME TabletsCHIME Tablets

Measurable Benefits

Reduced operating costs

Spend less time delivering patients to exam rooms, searching for clinicians or investigating the status of rooms.

Increased revenue

Bring on more doctors without expensive renovations or expansion and reduce clinician downtime between patients.

By adopting CHIME, we saved approximately $80,000 per year in staffing costs & increased the number of physicians who can practice simultaneously by 40 to 60%

—Magenta Health Clinic

In addition to the financial benefits, CHIME delivers a streamlined clinic flow, a better patient experience, and improved staff working conditions.

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How Much?

Starting from $10/room/month, plus setup & hardware costs

We offer a modular deployment strategy to keep things affordable…

  • Hardware: deploy tablets, kiosks, TVs, and mounts, only as required
  • Software: our easy to use software is accessible from any clinic device
  • Training and Support: we handle initial-setup, configuration, and training

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Who’s Behind This?

CHIME was developed for Magenta Health, a technology focused primary care clinic located in Toronto, Canada. By adopting CHIME, Magenta Health saved approximately $80,000 per year in staffing costs. Furthermore, the clinic increased the number of physicians who can practice simultaneously by 40 to 60%, from the industry standard of five doctors to seven per 10 exam rooms.

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