Helping with COVID-19

  • May 22, 2020

COVID-19 has created unprecedented stresses upon outpatient medical clinics:

  • How to protect staff and patients from infection
  • How to work and collaborate remotely
  • How to manage staffing in a fiscally challenging environment

How CHIME can help today

Here’s how CHIME can help your clinic today, as you continue to see patients in a high-risk environment:

1) Minimize patient to patient contact

  • We can text patients when a room is ready for them; have patients wait in their car or outside instead of in your waiting room.

2) Minimize patient to staff contact

  • Our kiosks enable patients to be screened and checked in automatically; and
  • Our automated patient way-finding can direct patients to rooms without a staff escort.

3) Minimize staff interaction

  • Our shared dashboard enables staff to better distance themselves from one another throughout the day.

4) Incorporate infection control best practices

  • We can automatically incorporate buffer time between patients (e.g. to give droplets time to settle between patients).

5) Reduce physical support staff

  • Our automation means less support staff are needed in person; have staff work from home.

How CHIME will help in the near future

We’re also excited to share we’re actively working to adjust our system to accommodate the needs of medical clinics that are continuing to see a percentage of patients virtually. 

To share our COVID-19 roadmap, we’re working with clinics to design and deploy ways so that patients can be sequentially seen by multiple staff, some or all working remotely.  For example, we’re making it possible so that a patient can be seen in sequence by a receptionist, physician, and nurse, where some of this team — e.g the clinician — is working from home and yet part of the overall team.

We see COVID-19 as a marathon, not a sprint, and so we’re hard at working making the experience of delivering virtual care more equivalent to in-person visits.